Welding & Fabrication

Welding & Fabrication

Himmel Tech is committed to provide turnkey solutions assisting Manufacturing and Production Industry. We offer high quality Welding and Fabrication services to our clients, on demand through our Shop, or on site, as required.

Welding & Joining

Himmel Tech offers both temporary & permanent joining solutions. We deliver temporary joining processes such as fastening, cotter joint, knuckle joint, key joint, press fit & seam joint. In terms of permanent joining we offer Arc Welding Processes (MMAW, GMAW, TIG, SAW, FCAW, ESW, etc.), Gas welding processes (OAW, OHW, AAW, PGW, etc.), Resistance welding processes (RSW, RSEW, PW, PEW, FW, etc.), solid state welding processes (DFW, PW, ROW, CW, FRW, FOW, etc.), & intense energy beam welding processes (PAW, LBM & EBW).

Design for Fabrication

Himmel Tech offers a unique blend of interior designing & graphic designing to complement the fabrication of components most suited to the design requirements of our clients.


Himmel Tech provides latest Fabrication technology and help our customers save time and cost by offering a fully integrated process from fabrication of parts to on-site assembly. [(Optional) Himmel Tech offers CNC milling, rapid prototyping and tooling, casting, welding & joining methods, injection molding, and sheet metal stamping].