Hydroponic System

Hydroponic System

Hydroponics is a more efficient and productive way to grow plants with less labor and time. The science of hydroponics proves that soil is not required for plant’s growth but is to supply the essential nutrients to the plants. Plant uses the elements, minerals and nutrients that exist in the soil. Soil is simply the holder of the nutrients, a place where the plant roots traditionally live and a base of support for the plant structure. The food comes from other materials mixed in the soil, such as compost, broken-down plant waste or fertilizers. In Hydroponic garden, we provide our plants with a complete nutrient dissolved in water.


The hydroponic system consists of five modules each of it with its own tray, light, mist and drainage system. The height of each module is kept different because to keep the system compact in size. Each module can be easily clipped on each other by considering the order of modules. The overall frame is build by assembling five modules on each other.


Hydroponic fodder production system offers,

  • Less occupation of area as compared to conventional cultivation..
  • Water and electricity efficiency.
  • Saves time due to Quick growth (10 days).
  • No dependency is on climate as it grows in controlled environment.
  • Ensures optimum quality of crop
  • Optimized cost