Precision Seed Planter

Precision Seed Planter

Himmel Tech’s Kisan Dost precision Seed Planter offers a low-cost solution as compared to other internationally available planters apart from offering locally available parts, distribution and after sale services. Currently maize cultivars are being sown at seed rate of 16-20 kg per acre while maize hybrids are being planted at seed rate of 8-10 kg per acre depending upon seed size. In this process about 50 percent seed is wasted or later plants are thinned to get optimum population. It also further increases the labor cost of the farmers.


Himmel Tech’s Kisan Dost Seed Planter can significantly reduce the cost of sowing by almost 50% from about Rs. 48000 per 10 acres to Rs. 25000 per 10 acres. It exactly maintains plant to plant distance of 20 cm and row to row distance of 70 cm and thus ensures optimum plant population. It will help boost the area under maize hybrids which is restricted due to labor shortfall and hot summer at the time of sowing.

Table 1. Manual hybrid seed sowing
Man power 8 person per acre
Area being cultivated per 8 hours 1 acre
Total cost per 10 acres @Rs. 600 per person Rs. 48000

Table 2. Himmel Tech’s Kisan Dost
Man power 1 person per acre
Area being cultivated per 8 hours 10 acre
Total cost per 10 acres @Rs. 2500 per acre tractor rent with driver Rs. 25000