About Himmeltech

Welcome to Himmel Tech, An Advanced Intelligent Engineering Solution Company

We are an Advanced Intelligent Engineering Solutions organisation, supporting both individuals and companies alike. We exist to provide authoritative and impartial expert advice, knowhow and safety assurance through engineering, materials, machining, joining and fabrication technologies – helping you design, create and operate the best products possible.

Emerged from the collaboration of researchers, we have grown into one of the foremost independent research and technology based manufacturing organisation in Peshawar. We span innovation, knowledge transfer and problem resolution across all aspects of designing, manufacturing, welding, joining, fabrication, surface engineering, inspection and whole-life integrity management. Himmel Tech provides custom and innovative automation engineering solutions to solve customer’s most complex problems. We offer end to end solutions from automation design, analysis and manufacturing of control system design, panel design and manufacturing.

Himmel Tech’s expert staff epitomise our commitment to the development of world-class technology to solve industrial and social problems. With leading authority, both nationally and internationally, in their technical field, each of our experts has made significant impact through technical excellence, skill and knowledge transfer. Our experts are committed to the development and coaching of colleagues as well as the development of Himmel Tech’s technology and thereby the business of the Industrial sectors of Pakistan.

Innovation is a vital part of today’s knowledge driven economy and is often the factor that separates successful businesses from those that fail. Ideas influence business in different ways depending on their significance, whether they are incremental improvements on known techniques or step-change technologies that bring disruptive change. Himmel Tech has a rich and well-publicised history of innovation and invention. Some notable highlights from the past include precision seed planter, RFID based patient tracking system, Compost and Hydroponic Systems.

Because Himmel Tech serves such a broad client base, we understand and appreciate that different industries have different needs, which is why we tailor our response to the specific requirements of your business. Our market driven research programme sees us identify key technologies in each area of business and pursue these to deliver maximum value to our Members, whatever their specialism. The depth and breadth of our network also supports the exploration and exploitation of synergies between different sectors, product types and worldwide locations. Bringing together Members with common interests and needs, we can add value and gearing to a wide range of research interests and business prospects. Himmel Tech has an outstanding track record of providing service to our Members.