Precision Manufacturing & Automation

Precision Manufacturing & Automation

Himmel Tech is a professional precision machining parts manufacturer. We specialize in precision machining parts processing, precision tooling, jig & fixture, automation equipment design and manufacturing .

Design Solutions

Himmel Tech has a dedicated design team and state of the art design facilities. We specialise in Design Solutions for retrofitting as well as repair. Our Engineering Design Solutions are geared towards Parts and Products.

Testing & Analysis

Himmel Tech utilizes the industry specific expertise of its team to provide Design, Analysis and Computer Simulation services for both products and processes to a diverse range of industries.

Precision/CNC Machining

Himmel Tech specializes in creating on-demand intricate Designs with Multi-Axis CNC Machine available at our Shop Floor section.

Automation Solutions

Himmel Tech offers Automation Solutions in keeping with the latest technology trends and industry standards. Our solutions help transform process and operation within Major business verticals.